Samsung Corby (GT-3653) Cell Phone With Full Colour

samsung corby, samsung gt 3653

Samsung Corby with candybar design features the younger generation through the cover dismantle pairs, Samsung called fashion jacket. Quite fresh and full of colour. However, the chassis can be replaced only the back or the battery cover.

Uniquely, the construction of the rod is made ergonomic cell phone with a fantastic body curve. Every nook and side sloping shaped body and a little concave, not rounded like most of the phone body. With this model, the hand phone so much better and fit. Moreover, this phone body is made a little wide, but fairly thin (1.2 cm)

In the body not available to conventional keypad structure. Yes, Samsung Corby GT-3653 is indeed rely on the touch screen and a virtual keypad for all surfing activities. But still presents the call / end call and back for the standard. Unfortunately, the virtual keypad is not supported by the ability display a full qwerty keypad.

Like most mobile phones sail touch, Samsung Corby is also instill a unique key that serves to lock the screen (Hold), its position on the right side of the body opposite of camera shutter. however, for his own purposes Corby unlock screen offers two options through gesture technology, known as Smart Unlock.

Slid to the inside, Samsung Corby GT-3653 equipped with the latest interface technology and the most attractive claim, samsung. Namely, a combination of and Cartoon TouchWiz UI. Like Samsung and LG star cookies, Corby GT-3653 is capable of displaying and manage widgets on touch screen with just the touch of a finger count. Just select the widget, drag and place it where you like. Options widget itself can be found on the left side of screen, by pressing the arrow mark.

Another advantage that can be presented on the screen touchscreen cacitive Corby is shaped cartoon icons and menu transition effects, which can be enjoyed when accessing the menu. shear model when selecting other menu interface as smooth as the iPhone and HTC Touch. Including when selecting images in slide show mode.

One uniqueness of the interface is also present in Corby is a photo contact that can appear in Carousel mode. Like the photo gallery on the 3rd edition Symbian phones Nokia. Unfortunately, Samsung equipped Corby no accelerometer ability to change the screen orientation from Landscape to Portrait automatically (no-autorotate screen)

though not fully included in the multimedia category, but Samsung Corby remained fully supports this side through some pretty cool features. Music player for example, although the standard player view but already supports album art and playlist settings. Samsung similar interface and Star Jet.

About the operation, you can use the widget and place it in the music player main screen. Control panel can be accessed directly. including the ability to fast forward and rewind. For audio output performance, Samsung Corby no doubt. Stereo speakers embedded in the body of this phone, can produce stereo sound output is loud, but still clear and soft to be heard.

You can also extract information about the song that was heard via the Find Music feature recognition. Could be the title song, singer until his album. These same features as the Sony Ericsson’s TrackID.

In addition to the music player, this phone also has a camera with 2 megapixel resolution. Unfortunately, this feature is not equipped with facilities more professional setting. There’s nothing particularly flash autofocus. Lucky, Samsung Corby equipped with a focal point arrangement based on known faces smile with the Smile Shot. There is also a panorama option, which can connect 6 scene into one image.

Corby camera can also be used to record moving images (video), mp4 format recording with two options picture resolution, which is QVGA (320×240) and 176×144 pixels. To speed record, was still in the range of 15 fps.

Samsung Corby equipped class 10 EDGE network as a medium for Internet data access, complete the GPRS route. There was no 3G let alone HSDPA. Automatic, the ability to surf the internet be a standard course. However, to simply open the internet site via the browser’s default setting which supports HTML format, fairly smooth and stable.

Samsung S800 Like Jet, Corby GT-3653 also features Web-based dolphin kit web browsers support Flash and the ability of one-finger zooming. Through the support of Flash and Java, the browser Corby could serve a full-screen viewing and scrolling through the touch of a finger. Although not equipped autorotate screen capabilities, but Corby offers the option to set the display mode while browsing the Internet from portrait to landscape.

In addition, Corby also brings Bluetooth and data cable for Samsung typical medium of communication with other devices. Bluetooth already supports A2DP profile, while the data cable can make Corby as mass storage. Unfortunately, in this mode you can not use the phone to phone and data access.

Application and Installation
As targeting mobile youth segment, Samsung Corby would bring the center line of the facility they loved, one of which is social networking online services. Here, you can get direct links to facebook, My space, Twitter and a few other widgets in the model.

Interestingly, these widgets can be arranged and displayed on the main screen. For example Facebook.
Although the facebook is not interractive like Sony Ericsson owned, but you can monitor messages, friend requests and status directly. In addition, you can also upload photos to facebook account you have. To upload a picture myself portal not only facebook, but there is also Picasa, Flickr, Photobucke, friendster and MySpace.

In addition, through support for Java MIDP platform you can also add various applications to enjoy the chat service. Including access to electronic messages (email). For default, Samsung has invested Corby Google Mail client.

Internally, samsung Corby was not implanted GPS receiver. However, the presence of Google Maps can be used to determine the location of the guide through the network operators. In fact, you can search for specific locations, including determining the location of goals (direction) through a clear navigation through the digital map.

For the daily needs and business, Samsung Corby also has set up some pretty good facilities. There’s organizer containing a calendar, calculator, alarm that can be customized and notes and tasks (task). Office document viewer are also available to open a Word document file format, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Problem storing audio files, images and video and other data Corby has internal storage space of 50 MB. In addition, also provided a microSD card slot that supports up to 8GB capacity. Unfortunately, in the sales package does not provide this additional card.

while, by lithium ion battery was 960 mAh Corby could survive long enough. Moreover, energy-intensive facilities such as 3G networks and the lights flash on the camera no. For standard use, this phone battery can supply power to more than 3 in one charging daily.

49 Responses to “Samsung Corby (GT-3653) Cell Phone With Full Colour”

  • 1 hriata_mb Says:

    its very good and nice to use

  • 2 jazz Says:

    i m in luv….aftr d age of 20….its nothing…but my new samsung corby,,,,cnt stop thinking..bout dis…cell
    amazing features ,,and nic touch screen…

  • 3 dimon Says:

    this is very cool phone…with almost all the features for common use ….
    it is opened in an affordable price which makes it a great hit…!

  • 4 arpee Says:

    For a 50+ guy I find it real cool and easy to use- all the basic features I need at a great price – dont feel bad using it in front of the kids!

  • 5 mcxhin Says:

    yup its cool.but i cant download uzzap and sandbox.

  • 6 sheng Says:

    i can’t download the uzzap…. if u dnt mind… can u help me….

  • 7 mcxhin Says:

    d po tlga pla xa pwd idownload coz uzzap is not runnin on touchscreens

  • 8 Reddy Says:


    I recently purchased this piece. Its very nice, but how can i use the keypad while talking on phone.

    When am trying getting message like Press and hold the lock icon.

    The call will be end when press and hold the lock key while talking on phone.

    Can any one help me?

  • 9 mandeep Says:

    Dis iz a gud phone bt i can nt open menu when cal iz in progress..can u help me?

  • 10 zaid Says:

    if u want to use the keypad while talking then press hold for sumtim then the keypad option wll cum

  • 11 EBI Says:

    i own a corby gt 3653. i had touch problem the very next week i purchased it. still its thre. cant touch one number, the other come on, cant text, cant surf the net, its been more than a month since i had lodged the complaint, iem tryin out other methods to fix my touch complaint, they say shortage or unavailability of touch screen… does this sound toatlly absurd, disgusti n nn… i hav to suffer,,, and i alone does… corby ,,, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm total failure as far as i am concerned, can i use some other sticks to touch the screen, some buttons are so small while surfin, that i can pin pointly touch the exact button… phew…

  • 12 rohit Says:

    hey guys if u r thinking that it is very difficult to use then u r absolutely wrong…its very simple and sexy…its a low priced brilliant phone…i hv used many brands but this is different and the best….

  • 13 ravi kumar sharma Says:

    ia m happy for using samsung mobile

  • 14 black jack Says:

    I am usin this phone for 3 mnths. its a cool phone with nice touch good sund qualty. the head set is very good. thougg the cmra is 2 mp bt it provide nic image

  • 15 nikhil Says:

    hey this mobile is really nice…im using it frm past 6 months..its touch is very problem at all….

  • 16 jyothi Says:

    I am using Corby S3653. can any one let me know how to upload images form corby to Orkut as i have lost my CD. If you can please let me know.

  • 17 anusha Says:

    the phone is very nice and the features too. i just want to know can i dowload all my gmails in the phone in the email option. plz help and whenever i try to purchase the full game from the game option it fail. where can i get the best touch game for the corby

  • 18 krishna Says:

    i want know unlock code of samsung corby gt 3653 phone code

  • 19 bhavesh Says:

    hey guyz………….dis phone is awesome yaar…………i m also planing to buy dis phn…………………..

  • 20 VIVEK Says:

    if u want to use the keypad while talking then press hold for sumtim then the keypad option wll cum

  • 21 VIVEK Says:

    Dis iz a gud phone bt i can nt open menu when cal iz in progress..can u help me?

  • 22 skido Says:

    d only prob is dat it does nt accept theme. y

  • 23 skido Says:

    pls send ma reply 2 ma box

  • 24 lynn Says:

    definitely Samsung Corby gt 3653 is great…i bought it last month..and i love da fon’s features…a nice quality fon with a lesser price…d masyadong mabigat sa bulsa…

  • 25 Bably Says:

    Samsung Corby mobile is very marvellous & touching..
    Its all features are very amazing & useable..
    Infact i m using two mobile set both are samsung..
    So i luv Samsung…………………….hmmmmmmmmmm

  • 26 Bably Says:

    Samsung Corby mobile is very marvellous & touching..
    Its all features are very amazing & useable..
    Infact i m using two mobile set both are samsung..
    So i luv Samsung…………………….hmmmmmmmmmm

  • 27 dev Says:

    hi guys…….. iam using dis phone for last 4 mnths. can any one let me know how to upload the photos becoz i didnt get any software. i downloaded d software but it was not correct version to my handheld plz suggest me…………..

  • 28 crystal Says:

    does samsung corby s3650 have themes?? where can I download??can u giv me the link..thanks <3

  • 29 memo Says:

    i guys, can somebody help or teach me how to upload photos in the web using this phone?i dont know what will be the appropiate setting for communities..:D
    thanks for the help..:D

  • 30 Ana Says:

    how do i upload pics from the fone directly to facebook, it keeps saying unsuported. can somebody please help me.. Plllleaaasse.

  • 31 JPL Says:

    It is one of a trade mark product of samsung company.

  • 32 Trilok kumar Says:

    Samsung Corby mobile is very marvellous & touching..
    Its all features are very amazing & useable..
    Infact i m using two mobile set both are samsung..
    So i luv Samsung…………………….hmmmmmmmmmm

  • 33 ricky Says:

    Hey! it can’t show images of 250kb or more

  • 34 aaarav Says:

    Its not multitasking dude

  • 35 sam Says:

    samsung gt s3653 is a worse mobile . it doesnt support more than 200 mgs. even it cant support 1mb size jar and jad games. it doesnt support an image more than 250kb. when we try to sing up for orkut,yahoo,facebook,,etc it displays an error of dns failed. and even its disturbs us with multiple msgs. so when u want to waste ur money buy samsung corby

  • 36 ana Says:

    cuando escucho musica en el samsung gts3653 la puede grabar y guardar.
    como busco musica si no tengo internet en el celular

  • 37 Numan Says:

    hey guyz……. i want to purchase samsung corby…. is this set is perfect…? can i purchase…. i dont know about this set…. can u tell me… samsung corby is good mobile?

  • 38 antony Says:

    Is it possible to connect pc and browse internet this mobile

  • 39 kastur Says:

    is it compartable 3g services

  • 40 abhirup Says:

    this is d best phn. it supports jar n jad files(applications). touch,sound(headphn),pic quality,battery simply awesome. stylish look with different colour back cover make it look new everytime I change supports mp4 file n its video quality is just marvellous when u watch dat in 2.8″ headache of purchasing a memory card coz 2 gb is free with d pack. Rs.6300 worth it.
    disadvantage is dat u cannot record a conference call & a low msg memory(500 pages sms).

  • 41 zubair Says:

    i want know phone unlock code of samsung corby gt 3653 phone code bcz m forget password……..

  • 42 narayan Says:

    My corby’s radio and blutooth were not functioning can i get it repaired online

  • 43 Shivakumar Says:

    how do i activate smilies in my SMS. because it is not displaying anything instead of only displaying symbols like ( :) ).. how do i get graphical pictures??

  • 44 Santosh Chetry Says:

    Nic looking I like it.

  • 45 vishnu Says:

    Hi guyzzz… i hv my own corby.. itz a very gud lukng mob as cmpre 2 samsung mounte. nd back panels are awsme.. very advncd ftrs r added 2 dis crby models. nd i hv a doubt guyz, brwsrs r nt spprtng 2 dis modl.. is dr ny prblm..? cn u hlp me?

  • 46 meryl Says:

    how to press keypad while on call. everytime i call companies with voice prompts and then the operations says “press 2 for english” is really a big problems. anyone know how to work it out?

  • 47 Joshua Joseph Says:

    Its my choice & I luv it.Bt my phone memory is full even after deleting all my installed applications,resetting and clearing my phone’s memory,what shall I do?
    How do I install my applications to memory card rather than the phone’s memory?

  • 48 Vio Says:

    I forgot my password from security and I don’t know how I can reset her to put a new password. There is somebody who can help me?

  • 49 sujit Says:

    its very nice sexy cellphone nothing like phone feature in samsung

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