Nexian NX-G900

13 June 2009 | cell phone


It seems like Nexian NX-G900 would becomes new phenomenon in local Cellular industry replacing analog tv cell phones domination. The marketing strategy is right to the consumers needs today by providing the ease of facebook and chatting acces.

We could say that, Nexian NX G900 is the first local cell phone which bring the hottest features, facebook and chatting. It’s so exited to know that it’s supported with stylish design and complete entertaintment facilities. The consumers could also enjoying operator services from Nexian partner, Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) which available in one pack.


The design looks like a smartphone cell phone in general, candybar with a fat body and come with QWERTY keyboard. The cover mode is adopted fromBlackberry. Looks elegant, but we can’t be lied it’s still look ‘China’. We could see it in the D-pad button, there are 2 call buttons numbered 1 and 2 showing task dual on just like most Chinese cell phones recently.

The exciting, the QWERTY keyboard is really adopt Blackberry Bold/Javelin mode, with only a small deifference in the numeric button position. The size is cute enough with a tight space sometimes make us find a problem in typing any messages. But the plastic and rubber combination for tuts material make us comfort to use it.

In the body, there’s no control panel such as volume control or camera shutter, there’s only miniUSB port in the bottom side for power supplying and headset port. There’re also D-pad and some softkey to access menus.

Screen and Interface
Nexian NX-G900 use Java for interface basis with old mode. But the menu structures is better than other local brand such as MicXon, MyG, or HT Mobile. It is very suit with it big size, 1.75 inch for screen display with 128 x 160 pixel resolution.

In default position, the main menu would appear in 3 x 4 grid format with attractive icons. Deeper, sub menu structure is made in list mode without icon, so there’s only number to show shortcut buttons to help us.

Facebook and Chatting
Both features are very speciall. There are so many consumer have to enqueue to get this cell phone because of these facilities. Nexian has worked together with special client to realize this features. Facebook in Nexian NX-G900 basicly is not different with mobile facebook ( which could be installed in other cell phone supported Java MIDP. We could update site, leave comments or just for facebook walking. Different with Blackberry that give us facility where we could get more function even for upload photos to our profile.

There’s no special things in the interface side. Even the facebook feature performing slowly because of the network and processor. We need to refresh browser page more often to open the web we need.

For chatting, Nexian NX-G900 use eBuddy application version 1.1. this is compatible for many Instant messaging provider for examples : Google Talk, Yahoo! Messanger, MSN, AIM, MySpace, ICQ and facebook. But the perfom is the same with facebook perform very respond slow and didn’t maximum. Even we need about 5 minutes for loading the page. And so do in activating IM account. But this feature could show multiple communication via IM account.

Nexian NX-G900 give more attention for this area. For example in audio player, it could play MP3 files well. The audio output is quite satisfy because of the stereo loudspeaker, different from Titan V73 and IMO GF333. unfortunately, this perform didn’t support by equalizer choices. But, we don’t have to be worry because Nexian NX-G900 provide playing background facility, so we could still listening to the music while opening other features. Even, by Bluetooth stereo output we could hear the song from Bluetooth headset which support A2DP profile.

Nexian NX-G900 also provide video player to play avi/3gp/ and mpeg4 files. There’s also FM Radio which bring radio broadcasting record and FM record schedule for time setting, we could use it for alarm, too.

Over all, Nexian NX-G900’s multimedia facilities is not bad than other cell phones in the same class. This cell phone is completed with 1 GB external memory slot in one pack.

Nexian NX-G900 provide VGA camera 640 x 480 pixel resolution. Looking at the specification we could expect much for the result. The photos still blur and unfocus. But it still better than Beyond B515. the noise and over exposure didn’t seem to much. Nexian NX-G900 could record film clips in avi format. While the record modus being activated, we could use zooming function until 3 x and doing whitebalance setting.

Network and connectivity
For internet connection, Nexian NX-G900 only has GPRS support. It is general in most Chinese cell phones which didn’t touch EDGE and 3G network. But the profile for internet browsing could be chosen between 2 cards. By this facility we could enjoy all services offered by the provider. But 1 card has locked by XL and the other card could be other operator. But when it’s tried, the other card couldn’t be read at all.

For connection, this cell phone is offering Bluetooth and miniUSB data cable. The Bluetooth also support A2DP. So we could hear the music files via wireless by connect it to compatible headset. MiniUSB data cable is also functioned as charging media. it could be used as mass storage, this PC suit organize and synchronize the cell phone files to the PC. For internet browser, Nexian NX-G900 bring Opera Mini 4.0 and one additional browser.

facebook and chatting features must be spend much energy. Nexian NX-G900 bring 1000 mAh lithium ion battery to cover it. It could standby for 1.5 days with active facebook and chatting.

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