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19 September 2009 | cell phone


Basic form of this IMO G100 is a candybar. Interestingly, the cell phone is glossy casing decorated picture cartoon characters like Hello Kitty. In fact, the model D-pad with the G100 clearly show the face of the cat is funny. A little difficult to access it, but it is quite useful to give the impression “girly”.

Switch to the structure of the keypad. Standard model, with the boundary between the key to adequate parking. Unfortunately, clear plastic material that is used less and less responsive when pressed hard. This effect on the process of writing the message and selecting a few key dial making. The lack of other, backlight keys are with the basic colors of white milk. Consequently, when used at night, the keypad will be difficult to see.

Because implement Dual On technology, IMO G100 prepare for a special two-button dialing to use two different cards. However, the marking are less clear. Left Soft Key button can be used to dial to the card-2. While the call button cat green image, for the first card.

Display and User Interface
IMO using the G100 display 262,144 colors, with a QCIF resolution (176×144 pixels). This is also made sure with the presence unique icons at the bottom of the screen, which can be accessed using a pen stylush. For diagonal screen, only the standard 2.2 inches. However, with the effect of brightness and contrast of fit, able to show clear screen.

Not as a branded mobile phone in addition to the special characters on the outside, the interface is still presenting the same theme. The IMO standard G100 mobile phone China, with a menu selection icons the rather good. One was represented by a menu of icons. Meanwhile, another to open the menu G100 also allows the menu list with small icons at the top. Problems arise when a new sub-menu, looks very standard. Only decorated the text, without the graphic icons.

Affairs enhance the display screen, IMO G100 seems minimal. Only provide the wallpaper, that is with a limited selection.

Recommended Features

Technology and Network
The presence of two SIM card slot behind the battery, be the main points. Moreover, roads can simultaneously Dual alias ON. Card service that can be inserted is a GSM-GSM. Ability to identify the network operator shall be calculated are good. Code and name of the service are set and adjusted to the frequency in Indonesia.

However, IMO G100 also provides a special setting, if you only want to use one of the SIM card only. Simply go to the settings menu > select enable SIM, and select a desired mode.

Unfortunately, to process incoming phone reception. Both the SIM can not receive it simultaneously, or even through sign tone saddle. The existing telephone number only to be spelled out are not active. Unfortunately.

Sponsorship of entertainment in the IMO G100 is quite complete. There are MP3 player, media player and FM radio. Although the default player look pedestrian, but performance of audio is enough prime. The two loudspeaker microphone ready jar to your ear. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to auto format the memory card in the phone. To be able to play song files, you must format the memory card in the phone manually ago put the music files in MP3 folders.

As well as songs, video clips can also be played smoothly. Format that can be supported are 3GP and MPEG4. Of course, with the view that quality standards.

The second option as a means of entertainment, IMO G100 has set up the FM radio with the ability to encompass both sizeable wave broadcasts, through a headset that also functions as an antenna. Interestingly, you can make the radio as an alarm via FM Auto Play feature. So to enable this feature, you’ll automatically turn on the radio, which is determined according to the time before. Quite useful.

No one is special from the media entertain this one. Strength is only VGA, with the ability to take pictures with maximum resolution 640×480 pixels. Concerning the quality of the image, you can certainly guessing himself. Not far different with the mobile-phone berkamera VGA other Chinese origin. Results catapult much noise, even over impressed Exposure. But tolerable for the style.

IMO G100 camera can also use the withdrawal camcorder, to record the precious moments-moments. 3gp video file types. Normal quality, recordingnya smoothly and even less impressed interrupted.

Internet and Connectivity
Canals and the presence of GPRS WAP browser on the G100, a sizable reliable Internet site. Only, it looks less friendly. When you open the browser, you are immediately put a link to the URL address of the site. Not like other mobile phone, presenting the view browser. Meanwhile, for the menu options you must click on the options, the new structure of the browser menu will appear.

To route connection, IMO G100 on Bluetooth and data cable. Unfortunately, this did not support the Bluetooth A2DP profile. For performance, this means both men can appear. In fact, you can make IMO G100 as mass storage, with connect miniUSB data cable to the PC.

As a power supplier, IMO G100 use lithium ion batteries with a sizable large. That is 1800mAh. Performance may appear prima, especially mobile phone is not too many lavish features bring energy. Charging up to once in full, the battery IMO G100 afford survive up to 3 days. However, if you are too often the music player, the battery will automatically power dwindle dramatically.

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