Asiafone AF903 vs Mito 8100 vs Micxon S900 vs IMO G910 vs HT G30 vs Nexian NX-G91

13 October 2009 | cell phone


If you notice in terms of design, almost all of them have adopted the view features several top vendors products. Some of them have similarities to the series Nokia E71 and BlackBerry Bold. IMO G910 and Mito 8100 made quite similar to the formation candybar like the Nokia E71. In fact, 8100 has a composition Mito really similar to the metallic trim materials made from metal and almost the same color. While IMO G910 wrapped in black body with a hard plastic material glossy effect. Asiafone AF903 is one phone that has the largest body of six. Candybar phone design has similarities to the BlackBerry Bold is practically the most wide and the thickest. Weighing most heavily were classified than others.

Nexian G911, packed in one package service bundling almost similar in design to Nokia E71, tend to be more compact with a shorter body and wider. The similarity is only an effect on the metallic casing and the navigation indentations made different with a touch of metal. Unlike the Micxon S900 touch design that relies on a la Blackberry Javelin candybar-shaped flat. The phone is also decorated with trim made from metal at the edges. In addition, Micxon S900 may be the smallest phone among the other.

Last is the HT G30 which also adopted the E71-style display complete with metal trim and slim body. Of all the existing phone, the components making up the body HT G30 feels most vulnerable. Especially when talking about the battery cover material casing and keypad. For convenience affairs QWERTY keypad, AF903 Asiafone seems to be the most superior. In addition to the key sections of the most extensive and wide, this phone’s keypad was supported by a soft plastic. As for the others, using the QWERTY keypad has a relatively equal comfort with quick typing function is reliable. Micxon except that the composition of the hard keypad, and narrow and the navigation buttons are a bit troublesome because located in the lower right of the button integrated in the ranks.


In general, the ability and sixth interface functions of this phone is relatively not much different from Chinese mobile phones in general. Only, in HT G30, vendors try to display icons and a slightly different arrangement than the Chinese mobile phones in general. Special Micxon S900, mobile phone vendors are deliberately buried touch interface to support the operational and menu access. Unfortunately, this touch-screen feature is less optimal when used and needed enhancements stylush separate from the phone.

though not directly, but the Internet sector became one of the points that are often voiced as a flagship service to support Chinese QWERTY phone this. Because, to access social networking sites and instant messaging services, or even browsing, adequate Internet access required.

All these brands have a special icon to immerse provide shortcut access to social networking site Facebook and eBuddy application. Special Nexian G911, eBuddy is not available the application, but instead buried vendor Mig33 application that provides chat services via mobile phones. With the Facebook icon or shortcut is already available, so users do not have to bother to go to the browser first. Special Mito even provide special access to the integrated FB on the keypad.

Unfortunately, for mobile Mito, IMO and Micxon, users will find the language version of Facebook in China when he first access. Automatically, users should always fiddling with the language settings manually before they can enjoy it. Meanwhile, to facilitate browsing the internet via mobile phone, only four brands that provide Opera Mini application, namely Asiafone, IMO, HT and Nexian. While Mito and Micxon users should be satisfied using a browser that has built a relatively standard interface.

In terms of access Opera Mini HT G30 seems a step further than its rivals. Although only using Opera Mini 3, but has the best view from fontasi terms to layout pages. While utilizing Nexian Opera Mini 4.0 is not able to bring it up on the phone.

Excess laihn owned by HT G30 is the availability of applications that are Yame Yahoo Messenger client, one of the IM service that is quite popular. Mito 800 was actually provides a shortcut to access the Yahoo Messenger directly, but it is often an error and not working properly.

Besides HT G30, G910 and phone IMO AF903 Asiafone also provides shortcuts and Internet applications are complete enough to insert the eBuddy application, Facebook and the application shortcut MINI and Opera.


All phones are capable of displaying web pages optimally. In terms of speed and the average capacity for Internet access is relatively balanced for using the same data path that is GPRS. Specifically for mobile phones HT G30 and G911 Nexian marketed in a package with a particular mobile operator, the automatic setting is available from each of these providers.nHowever, if users want to use the Internet access via another operator data services, the phone was already preparing the setting. In the default condition, internet access via two phones is quite practical and not too much trouble.

However, when I want to try to access data services using other operators, then there are several steps that must be passed setting. Fortunately, users will not be too difficult because it was available option settings for Indonesian operator. Other cell phone is being bundled not even have to provide the setting for Indonesian operator. That IMO G910, Asiafone AF903, and Mito 8100. So, if you happen to often replace the card, then the settings can be changed by replacing the operator the option to use and make it the default.

However, the S900 Micxon users who do not understand about the internet settings are forced to work hard. This phone does not provide the setting for the operator Indonesia or in other words, before you can access the internet to fill their own parameter settings.

Other features.
In general, other features are available in this phone six relatively distinct. The average is to provide a variety of packages that are usually found in mobile multimedia features Cina.Begin from applications such as e-book reader.

All of the phone is supported with a dual slot GSM, but especially HT G30 and G911 Nexian on the SIM slot-1′s in a special lock for one operator only. That means, can not be used by other operators.

For entertainment, FM radio, audio player and the game can be enjoyed through all of this phone. Plus integrated camera with capabilities that support VGA camera function and video recorder.

Special storage, this phone provides six external memory slot with the latest type of MicroSD memory. Memory card of 1 GB is inserted in the sales package all this phone except in Micxon.

all this phone has been equipped with a data cable slot and Bluetooth connectivity as a means of fairly popular. Not to forget the data cable included in the sales package.

IMO G910 provides a battery with the highest battery capacity, which is 1800 mAh. As a result, this phone has a duration of survival longer than most others.

While Mito followed with a capacity of 1500 mAh battery, Asiafone with a capacity of 1200 mAh and the three other phone that is Micxon, HT Mobile and Nexian rely only 1000 mAh battery powers.

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