10 Important android applications and android app

if you have an android phone, I want to share information about the 10 important android applications that you should install. some android applications there is free or paid version. but 10 important android applications in my opinion. I’m not sure if you also need this android application into your android phone. Some important applications android are:

AK Notepad

Basic notepad application for Android. Having a background color and font can be changed and can change the email address or URL into a link that can be clicked. Since there is no synchronization process for Android, Palm and iPhone different from the AK Notepad can be transferred via the SD Card and opened on the PC. Text files from a PC can be saved into the SD Card for further opened through a mobile device Android. you can download ak notepad android applications

Dial Zero

Tool to make calls directly to customer service companies (600 companies), directly without passing through the voice-prompt. you can download dial zero android applications on here


Applications that combine GPS applications, fitness, weather information, stopwatch, map, compass, altimeter, flashlight and the short-cut to make emergency calls. Suitable for users of outdoor activities. To ensure this application is useful when the field activity, make sure the battery Android smartphone has a full battery. You can download Hi-hiker android applications in here.


Google Reader is an application for Android smartphones. An important feature of this application is to have the ability to store the cache in the SD Card from our news feeds that show, so it can be displayed at a time when the next. This feature is very useful if we want to read the papers / news next time there is no data connection. Greed also has supported the application for the podcast. you can download greed android applications in here.

Places Directory

Applications that provide information related to the location nearest you need, eg, bookstore, post office or restaurant. This application can localize our position through GPS or through the nearest tower. Maps and directions and even phone numbers are integrated into this application. So if we will go to that place or perform an application calls the Places Directory is to provide them. Very useful for the traveler. You can download place directory android applications in here


The application is to record and publish video with Android smartphone. The application also allows us to be able to send recorded video through Twitter or any other website. you can download or buy Qik android applications in here

Skype Lite

You want to make Skype calls using Android? use Skype Lite. It can work very well with 2G network. You can download skype lite android applications in here


Smartphone Android is a smartphone that has a multitasking function. So applications that we use the possibility still working “behind the scenes”. In the end can make us slow Android smartphone smartphone also drain the battery. Taskiller application allows us to determine which applications are running and allows us to turn off applications that we no longer need. This application also allows us to switch between applications that are running. You can download taskiller android applications in here


Want to immediately update the blog from anywhere? use the WordPress App for Android applications this. Very useful to set the blog and posting articles without always have to use a PC / Notebook, although the screen is small so the main obstacle. you can download wordpress android applications in here

Google Map

Maps and navigation application that is very useful, with latitude features we can make sharing a location with a user’s Google Map or via e-mail. It supports multi-touch feature for Android smartphones. google map android application in here

That was 10 android applications which in my opinion is important to your android phone. if it is less complete, any application that must be installed on your android mobile phone?

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